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Introduction of the Organization

The Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization is a public-interest corporation established in October, 1995 to make contribution to the development of local industry for cutting edge technology cluster by flexible response for changes in industrial structures. We are offering information services and mutual exchange placements for small and medium-sized enterprises based in Ota City who are in need of manufacturing and trading business support. We also are devoted improving the welfare for the workers who play a key role in industry.


Based on "Ota City industrial development regulation",
for building up local industrial infrastructure and corporate culture to respond structural environment changes surrounding at domestic and aboard, we work hard for the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises and improvement of Laborer's welfare to contribute a enrich local economy, society and culture with Ota City government and local resident.


A lot of charm at Ota-city has being introduced more than the following each contents.
SME with high technology, Cheerful shopping area, The Japanese history and traditional culture. Please utilize widely from a business and private situation!

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