Organization Chart and Business Information

April 1st, 2017

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Vice Chairman
Executive Director
Secretary General
Administration & Facility Group
New Strategic Project Unit
  • Survey / Research
Administration Team
  • General Affairs / Accounting
  • Control and management of internal IT infrastructure
Facility Service Team
  • Operation management of exhibition hall of Ota Industrial Plaza
  • Additional services connected with facilities rental
Manufacturing & Innovation Promotion Group
Manufacturing Promotion Team
  • Receiving and Placing Orders Consultant
  • Ota City Processing Technology Exhibition & Business Meetings~Ota Manufacturing Solution Fair~
  • Domestic Trade Fair Support
  • Overseas Business Consultant
  • Ocerseas Industrial Fair Support
  • Ota Industrial Fair
Innovation Creation Team
  • Next-generation industrial creativity project

     ・ Industry and Academic collaboration support project
     ・ Medical & Industrial Collaboration support project
     ・ Research and development matching system

  • Ota Research and Development Fair
  • Project for subsidizing corporate groups taking on new business challenges
  • Management and operation of favilities to support the founding of business
  • Support for the business founders
  • Project for the support of new products and the development of new technology
  • Basic lecture and school visit lecture for supporting of young engineers/technicians.
Local Industry Promotion Group
Local Industrial Promotion Team
  • Receiving and welcoming observation tours and delegations
  • Industry Information Magazine "Techno Plaza"
  • Outstanding Factory award system: Ota City Excellent Factory
  • Award for Excellent Manufacturing Engineers in Ota City (Technology and Skill Succession)
  • The 100 Selected Ota City Gift award project
  • Project Creation Business
Commercial Promotion Team
  • Transaction Consulting of Commerce & Service Industry
  • "Ota Ichioshi Gurume (best gourmet)" award system for bars and restaurants
  • Project for creating thriving shops
  • Publishing Commercial Information Magazine "Aki-now"
  • OTA AKINAI and Tourism Exhibition
Business Support Team
  • Job-finding and consultation service for home-based workers
  • PiO Design Workshop for supporting the creation of websites and PR tools
  • "Oshigoto Navi Ota-ku (Job Search Ota City), a website for recruiting information
  • Project for matching young people with small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Business support service (1) - Dispatch of expert to SMEs
  • Business support service (2) - Support for the acquisition of various accreditation and licenses
  • Business support service (3) - Dispatch of Ota City experts
  • Business support service (4) - Comprehensive intellectual property consultation service
  • Ota Invention Club for Boys and Girls
Worker's Welfare Team
  • Ota City Labor's Welfare support project
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