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Ota City, located in the southern part of Tokyo and home to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport), is a manufacturing town in which are gathered approximately 4,000 small and medium-sized enterprises possessing world-class technologies and skills.
Specializing in areas such as manufacturing high-precision parts, manufacturing equipment, measuring equipment, one-of-a-kind products including prototype, highmix low-volume production, high difficulty machining and so on, these companies have supported the Japanese manufacturing industry for a long time. In addition, in recent years, their technological abilities has gained increasing attention from overseas, and they have responded to diverse requirements and development challenges involved in working with international firms. The companies of Ota play a part in global innovation through problem-solving abilities backed by superior technologies and skills.
With the goal of matching Ota companies with international firms which have diverse challenges or solutions, this website is intended to introduce to a broader audience overseas from among the many superb companies in Ota those with a particular interest in working with overseas businesses. In addition to information on specialty technologies and products, the pages on each company include data on current international dealings and companies’ future outlooks.

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