Selected 100 Souvenirs from Ota

What is “Selected 100 Souvenirs from Ota”?

In this project, we have selected products that represent Ota's gifts, and widely popularized them inside and outside Ota City, with the aim of encouraging visitors to come to the area as well as revitalizing the local economy.


Message from the Mayor of Ota City

The Selected 100 Souvenirs from Ota project started in fiscal 2016 with the purpose of selecting and giving awards to products that are worthy to be presented as "the specialty souvenir of Ota."

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games fast approaching, we will select 100 foods and Craftsmanships in total that make unique souvenirs of Ota City.

Ota City has classic souvenirs such as dried seaweed of the Omori area and Kuzu-mochi of the Ikegami area. Through this project, however, new products that are only found in Ota City and will catch the eyes of tourists and local citizens—for example, Japanese and western confections, and innovative products which make use of the masterful techniques of artisans—have been created, and selected as a “gift of Ota City.”

2019 marks the fourth year of the project, and this year, we selected 39 products in total, including 25 foods and 14 works of craftsmanship, after careful examination and judgment. All products are worthy to be presented as "gifts of Ota City." By extensively promoting them as specialty souvenirs of Ota in- and outside the country, we will energize the local economy and create a liveliness in the city, with a focus on attracting tourists to the area.

Over the past four years, we have given awards to 118 products in total, including 79 foods and 39 works of craftsmanship. Although this project ends this fiscal year, I hope that the citizens of Ota City find joy and pleasure in picking up a specialty souvenir of Ota, that people from outside Ota City discover its charms, and that the award winners will play a bigger role as leaders in the vitalization of Ota City's economy.


Tadayoshi Matsubara, Mayor of Ota City


Message from the Chief Judge

Fiscal 2019 marks the final year for awarding in this project, and we received a large number of entries—1.5 times as many again as the previous year. Each and every entry was full of charm. Faced with a tough decision, we selected 39 products from among them. Over the course of four years, the total reached 118 award-winning products (companies). The number of selected items exceeded the number stated in the project title "Selected 100 Souvenirs from Ota," and I'm delighted that we were able to select even more products that show the charms of Ota City than we expected. However, I don't believe our work over just because we've finished selecting the products. Our duty is now to energize the local economy and enliven the city by promoting the Selected 100 Souvenirs from Ota. In other words, this is only the beginning.

From long-loved local specialties to hidden gems, all the products included in the Selected 100 Souvenirs from Ota are masterpieces packed with the passion of the creator/seller, and are very "Ota." Do get one yourself, and discover the charms and wonders that Ota City holds.

As a conclusion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the companies that made such wonderful products.


Chairperson of Ota Chapter, the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ken Asano,