Grilled Japanese broiler yakitori skewers ¥140 - 200

Made with Tottori Daisen chicken and no preservatives, these tender, juicy grilled yakitori skewers are a favorite of the local residents and foreign visitors.

Grilled Japanese broiler yakitori skewers
Yakitori Kacho
Yakitori Kacho
  • Store at room temperature or refrigerated
  • Expires: Eat within 24 hours
  • Note: To accompany the rise in the consumption tax rate, all prices shown exclude consumption tax.

Yakitori Kacho

Yakitori Kacho has been grilling yakitori skewers for takeaway for 16 years.Its skewers made with free-range Tottori Daisen chicken are tender, juicy, and mild. The grilled chicken skewers are dipped in a preservative-and-chemical-free sauce, and are safe for small children to eat, too. The stand offers about 10 kinds of skewers including liver—the owner’s recommendation—and is frequented by local residents and foreign tourists.


We use ceramic infrared grills that cook through the meat evenly, so that we can make tasty yakitori skewers in large batches.


  • Yakitori Kacho
  • Minami-Magome 5-40-5, Ota-ku 143-0025
  • TEL / Note: The phone number is not listed as per the owner’s wishes.Go directly to the store to make a purchase. (Pre-orders are not available)
  • Business hours / 16:30 - 20:30
  • Holidays / Mondays

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