Moichido Tabetakunaru Strawberry Tiramisu¥2,000

Made with the best fruits of the season, the natural taste and flavor of the ingredients are eloquently highlighted in this rich and mildly sweet tiramisu.

Combo of madeleine and financier (10 pieces)
MIYAKO Co., Ltd.
MIYAKO Co., Ltd.
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MIYAKO Co., Ltd.

The rich creamy texture of mascarpone cheese, and sweet-and-sour refreshing taste of strawberries fill your mouth. The strawberry slices and sauce for the topping are made with dried Aomori strawberries, which are soaked and softened in strawberry juice. You can enjoy a rich, concentrated taste of strawberries. The mildly sweet dessert is made free of any unwanted ingredients. Each package is made with great care and attention for safety.


I used to work as a head chef at a restaurant, and making use of that experience, I made the finest tiramisu using the best ingredients and methods. I made the dessert eco-friendly as well, by using a wooden container for it.


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