Minami-Kamata Brandy Cake ¥1,900

Fragrant with the aroma of brandy and a subtle sweetness of honey, this traditional cake just melts in your mouth. Have a bite, and you won’t be able to forget its indulgent taste.

Minami-Kamata Brandy Cake
Belle Fille Ltd..
Minami-Kamata Brandy Cake
  • Store at room temperature
  • Expires: 1 month after date of manufacture
  • Note: To accompany the rise in the consumption tax rate, all prices shown exclude consumption tax.

Belle Fille Ltd..

This confectionery located in the Minami-Kamata area has been making and selling cakes and desserts for 25 years. Its Brandy Cake, which is made with the shop’s original selection of several brandies, features a particularly smooth and moist texture—you can’t find anything like this out there. The honey used in the cake is harvested from the beehives on the roofs of elementary schools in the Haneda area. This is a premium cake created through a collaboration with the local community.


We make this cake in cooperation with the Honey Project organized by local volunteers. Store the cake wrapped in aluminum foil at room temperature—you can enjoy the delicious cake for a month.


  • Belle Fille Ltd..
  • Minami-Kamata 1-16-1, Ota-ku 144-0035
  • TEL / 03-3738-4705 FAX / 03-3738-4705
  • Business hours / 10:30 - 23:30
  • Holidays / Mondays

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