Stylish Key Holder ¥2,600

Born out of a fusion between outstanding design and ease of use, this key holder is light, strong, and hygienic. The more you use it, the more you will feel attached to it.

Stylish Key Holder
Heiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Stylish Key Holder
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Heiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

This stylish, easy-to-use, functional key holder features an S-shaped design, and fits comfortably and perfectly into your hand. This gratifying sensation cannot be experienced in any other product. The plastic key holder is plated with high-quality metal—the same plating treatment used for exterior parts of vehicles such as emblems—and is light, strong, and hygienic.


We developed an outstanding new product through a collaborative project with a designer. It’s simple, and easy to use. It’s for both men and women, young and old.


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