Kimono bag ¥25,000

Made by a hakama pants tailor, this masterpiece of a bag is durable, and lets you enjoy the soft textures of silk and cotton.

Kimono bag
Hiiragi Wasaisho
Hiiragi Wasaisho
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Hiiragi Wasaisho

Hakama is a type of traditional Japanese clothing mainly worn by men as pants in traditional kimono attire. As people came to wear more western-style clothing, tailors for traditional Japanese dresses—including hakama pants—started to disappear. These bags are hand-made by a now hard-to-find hakama tailor, and goes well with both kimono and western attires. A sheet of compressed urethane is inserted between the outer fabric and the lining to ensure the fabric bags keep their shape. A slim, yet even line of piping runs along the mouth of the bags, and there’s a pocket for a hand fan inside. The excellent skills and dedication of the tailor shine through these features of the bags.


We make these special bags using our skills and techniques as a kimono tailor. Those made of denim fabric are available from 10,000 yen. You can also bring in kimono dresses or fabrics you have and order your own original items.


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