3 Sun Tatami coaster(3 pieces per pack) ¥1,200

Thin and compact, these double-sided coasters for both hot and cold drinks are perfect for a souvenir.

3 Sun Tatami coaster
Hagihara Seijo Ltd.
3 Sun Tatami coaster
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Hagihara Seijo Ltd.

A sun is a tradition unit of length which was used in Japan back in the old days. Measuring at 3 sun—9.1 cm—long and wide, and 0.6 cm thick, these stylish coasters made with a traditional Japanese measurement are space-saving and user-friendly. The side made with woven rush is for a hot cup of tea, and the side made with water-repellent washi paper is for a chilled glass or can of beer and other cold drinks that collect beads of condensation. You can use these reversible coasters by flipping the sides according to the drink your having. There’s a variety of patterns available, and you’ll want to get a full set of them.


These coasters are small, light, and space-saving, and can be easily packed and taken home with you in your bags. We also have small tatami mats which are great for placing underneath dolls, vases, etc.


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