Naito’s Sweet Red Bean Paste ¥600

With a sophisticated taste that brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients, this premium-quality sweet red bean paste is used by renowned Japanese restaurants and confectionery shops. Packed in a family-sized quantity, the paste is now available for everyone to indulge in its luxurious taste at home.

Naito’s Sweet Red Bean Paste
Naito Seian Ltd.
Naito’s Sweet Red Bean Paste
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Naito Seian Ltd.

Used by long-standing Japanese and western confectionery shops, bread manufacturers, and Japanese restaurants, Naito Seian’s sweet red bean paste is made for pros. Now, it has become available as a souvenir that you can take home with you. There are two types available to enjoy: smooth koshian and chunky tsubuan. Made with flavorful Hokkaido adzuki beans, both are not overly sweet. Sandwich the paste between slices of bread, make it into a sweet red bean soup by thinning it with water, top an anmitsu parfait made with agar jelly cubes, fruits, and dango dumplings with a scoop of the paste, or dress mochi rice balls generously with it to make ohagi rice cakes. You can use the paste for a wide range of delicious items.


This red bean paste was made for professional customers in response to needs of a long-standing department store. Paying great attention to the balance between Hokkaido adzuki beans, white coarse sugar, and reduced mizuame syrup, we made this red bean paste with time and dedication.


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