Rice Flour Gâteau au Chocolat ¥2,500

Made with organic chocolate and natural ingredients including rice flour and organic sugar, this gâteau au chocolat cake for grown-ups mesmerizes you with a bitter-sweet taste.

Rice Flour Gâteau au Chocolat
  • Store at room temperature
  • Expires: 1 month after date of manufacture
  • Note: To accompany the rise in the consumption tax rate, all prices shown exclude consumption tax.


Made with the best rice flour, koji malt, natural salt, and other natural ingredients, this gâteau au chocolat cake is a guilt-free pleasure. Another feature of this chocolate cake is that it is made with emulsifier-free Dominican chocolate—a rare treasure among organic chocolates. The bitter-sweet chocolate cake for grown-ups makes a wonderful match with wine and sake, and is also popular for men.


No matter how healthy a food is, it’s no good if it doesn’t taste good. That’s why we put priority on the taste and texture of our sweets. Our physical store is open only on Sundays, but you can order our cakes, puddings, and more on our website.


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