Mikazuki Ampan sweet red bean bun ¥110

Made with Hokkaido wheat flour, adzuki beans, and no yeast foods or additives, these Ampan buns are fluffy and filled with sweet red bean paste to the brim.

Omori’s specialty: laver rice cake
Crescent & Molly
Crescent & Molly
  • Store at room temperature
  • Expires: 1 day after date of manufacture
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Crescent & Molly

This ampan bun is made of Hokkaido wheat flour dough, stuffed with refined, smooth red bean paste made with Tokachi Adzuki bean, and baked to fluffy perfection. This bakery uses natural ingredients including koji rice malt, and its breads and buns are all free of yeast foods, margarine, or any food additives, and made with great care and time. Without any unpleasant tastes, you can be reassured that small children can enjoy them, too.


The Mikazuki Ampan sweet red bean bun is a totally original product of ours. We designed and produced the crescent moon-shaped pans ourselves. Paying great attention to quality, we only use natural ingredients. We have a whole range of seasonal versions, too.


  • Crescent & Molly
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