Iso No Ka Iso Seaweed Croquette ¥102

A smooth texture of potato filling with nori seaweed, and a crisp, light crust made of the special breadcrumbs fried in soybean oil—it’s no wonder why people love this croquette.

Iso No Ka Iso Seaweed Croquette
Kitchen Croquette
Iso No Ka Iso Seaweed Croquette
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Kitchen Croquette

These croquettes with creamy potato fillings are made with green laver seaweed for a flavorful kick of the scent of the ocean. With a generous amount of milk added into the filling, the potato filling is silky-smooth, without any dry texture of potato. What’s more, the croquettes are dressed in special breadcrumbs, and fried in soybean oil to achieve the light, crisp texture. The bento box meal with a seaweed croquette is also a customer favorite.


Back in the past, the Omori area flourished with nori seaweed production. Paying tribute to this local feature, we use flavorful green laver seaweed in the croquette. The potato filling is creamy and smooth, and children love it.


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