Vin. o (2 pieces per pack) ¥800

A new and casual approach to your wines : Vin.o—a wine bottle supporting holder ring

Vin. o (2 pieces per pack)
Quartier Ltd.
Vin. o (2 pieces per pack)
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Quartier Ltd.

Wine bottles are stored on their sides to prevent the corks from drying out and letting bacteria in the bottle, which spoils the wine. Take a Vin.o ring, and clip the larger ring that has a slit to a wine bottle. The smaller ring on the outside stops the cylindrical bottle from rolling around. You can also use the smaller ring as a cork holder.


Made in Ota, Vin.o is a convenient tool made of elastic resin for placing down wine bottles, or rolled-up posters and drawings without letting them roll around, along with many other uses.


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