Ota Hana Shumai dumplings (4 pieces per pack) ¥278

Healthy and hygiene-conscious, these shumai dumplings are perfect for a souvenir, and tasty as they are, no matter when you eat them.

Lightly simmered cod roe and kelp of Haneda Otani
Lightly simmered cod roe and kelp of Haneda Otani
Lightly simmered cod roe and kelp of Haneda Otani
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Kaei Chinese Restaurant

These healthy shumai dumplings without excess fat are made with a filling of minced chicken breast and bean-starch vermicelli, dressed in finely shredded shumai skin, and steam-cooked to perfection. Topped with a paste of honey-pickled ume, they are delicious as they are, even without a dip in soy sauce. Tasty hot or cold, and good for the health—these Chinese dumplings make the perfect souvenir.


We used finely shredded dumpling skin to achieve a soft texture even when the dumplings get cold. Paying great attention to food hygiene, we top the dumplings with a paste of pickled ume and lay bamboo leaves under them for sterilization.


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