Sesame Dango dumplings ¥100

These delicious dango dumpling skewers are carefully made with utmost care towards steaming time and water content in the dough in order to provide a consistent taste in every batch throughout the year.

Sesame Dango dumplings
Okuniya Co., Ltd.
Sesame Dango dumplings
  • Store at room temperature
  • Expires: Eat within 24 hours
  • Note: To accompany the rise in the consumption tax rate, all prices shown exclude consumption tax.

Okuniya Co., Ltd.

These dango skewers are a classic item of a 80 year-old, long-standing traditional Japanese confectionery shop. The snow-white dumplings are made with the best rice flour, and their chewy texture leaves you feeling full and satisfied. The sesame sauce is made with finely-chopped walnuts mixed into a paste of black sesame seeds—a popular health food. Its savory-sweet taste is what makes these dumpling skewers so popular.


These are our well-reputed signature dango skewers. Many customers love these dumplings which are made with the same recipe as half a century ago. The sesame sauce with flavors of black sesame and walnut is not too sweet, and popular among men, too.


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