Ota Koma(top) ¥1,364

Produced by a small local manufacturer, these spinning tops are great for casual table-top games.Anyone, including children, can get a long spinning time, and have fun getting familiar with industrial products through its design.

Ota Koma (top)
UEDA-Manufacturing Ltd.
UEDA-Manufacturing Ltd.
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UEDA-Manufacturing Ltd.

Made with brass and aluminum bodies sandwiching a plate of resin and stainless steel axle, the Ota Koma (top) is roughly 4 cm tall. The rounded end of the axle that touches the ground enables even small children to spin it with an easy twist of the fingers. If you are lucky, the spinning top will keep on spinning for a good three minutes.


Making use of our metal lathe machining skills, we created spinning tops which everyone is familiar with. We would be delighted if we could interest children with our products, and make a contribution to the future of Ota City’s manufacturing industry.


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