Sen, Sen, Sen, Cha tea leaves 80g ¥926

Packed with a passion to bring sencha into people’s everyday life, these blended tea leaves serve delightful cups of tea no matter how they are prepared.

Sen, Sen, Sen, Cha tea leaves 80 g
Sen, Sen, Sen, Cha tea leaves 80 g
  • Store in a cool dark place
  • Expires: 180 days after date of manufacture
  • Note: To accompany the rise in the consumption tax rate, all prices shown exclude consumption tax.


Sen, Sen, Sen, Cha is Isobe-en’s original sencha tea made of the tea retailer’s unique blend of Ogasa and Fujieda tea leaves produced in Shizuoka. Although sencha tea is best brewed with water which is heated to 70 to 80℃, pouring boiling water straight into your tea pot will draw out a perfect harmony of pungency and flavor, allowing you to relish a refreshing taste. The tea leaves made in Shizuoka produce wonderful flavor and beautiful green color either brewed with hotter or cooler water.


There are a number of styles to prepare tea, and specific temperatures of water to brew tea leaves with. This product was developed with an idea to break away from these rules, and allow anyone to enjoy a cup of tea in their own style.


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