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ITADAKI Homba Omori Hoshinori seaweed ¥1,000

Made with the first harvest of sprouted nori seaweed, these toasted nori sheets are thick and crisp. Indulge in the distinct and rich flavor of Omori’s nori.

ITADAKI Homba Omori Hoshinori seaweed
Morihan Sohonpo Co., Ltd.
Morihan Sohonpo Co., Ltd.
  • Store at room temperature
  • Expires: 1 year after date of manufacture
  • Note: To accompany the rise in the consumption tax rate, all prices shown exclude consumption tax.

Morihan Sohonpo Co., Ltd.

Four companies based in Ota City formed a partnership for the Homba Omori Hoshinori Project, and created this product with a purpose to revive the Omori area’s nori industry. They paid close attention to every detail—from procuring raw nori seaweed to cooking it, toasting it, and designing the product packaging. The first harvest of sprouted nori seaweed is small in quantity nationwide, and therefore a rare commodity. Made with such precious seaweed, the premium ITADAKI toasted nori achieved the inherent sweet taste and flavor of the seaweed and a perfect crisp texture. You can only find this wonderful nori in Omori, the birthplace of nori seaweed farming.


Back in the past, nori seaweed farming was a thriving industry of the Omori area. To revive the local specialty, we gathered all available resources of our partners to create the ITADAKI dried nori. Savor the premium taste of our nori that is worthy to stand at the top of the industry.

■Homba Omori Hoshinori Project
Morihan Sohonpo Co., Ltd.
Kawashimaya Co., Ltd.
Tanaka Shozo Shoten Ltd.
Kinyosha Printing Co., Ltd.


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