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Hitohira-Shibori Guinomi cup and Katakuchi jug From ¥38,000

An embodiment of the tradition, culture, and spirit of Japan, a country of Craftsmanship—these beautiful “made-in-Tokyo” drinking cups for grown-ups are hand-Craftsmanshiped by artisans.

Hitohira-Shibori Guinomi cup and Katakuchi jug
Takakuwa, Inc. Factory
Hitohira-Shibori Guinomi cup and Katakuchi jug
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Takakuwa, Inc. Factory

The Hitohira-Shibori technique molds a single metal plate into a double-walled cup. Made by using this unique technique, this guinomi cup and katakuchi jug can be uniformly stacked on top of the other. The titanium cups can maintain the temperature of the drink they contain, and leave the beverage fresh and delicious as they are. There are other designs available including cups with undulating walls, and those coated in Aizu lacquer create a Japanese ambiance. You can also buy a guinomi cup separately.


We wanted to create things that the world had never seen before, and design them so that they seamlessly blend into our lifestyles. The one and only Hitohira-Shibori cups are the embodiment of our passion.


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