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Kuroyu Beer ¥600

Home to the largest number of public baths in Tokyo, Ota City is flowing with the dark-colored hot spring called “kuroyu.” Inspired by the hot spring water that the locals love, this refreshing local dark beer will quench your thirst.

Kuroyu Beer
Haneda Brewery (Taiho Ltd.)
Kuroyu Beer
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Haneda Brewery (Taiho Ltd.)

Home to the largest number of public baths in Tokyo, Ota City is dotted with hot springs of the unique, dark-colored “kuroyu” water. Kuroyu Beer is a local beer produced by the only brewery in the city taking inspiration from the renowned peculiarity of Ota. Although it’s a dark beer, it features a crisp taste, and is pleasantly thirst-quenching. It serves as the perfect drink after a bath. The distinct bottle label was designed by an illustrator living in Ota City, using the kuroyu hot spring water as inspiration.


Under the theme of community collaboration, we created a beer that you can throw back after a bath. Kuroyu Beer is not just yet another mass-produced beer by a major manufacturer—the dark beverage is refreshing and light on your tongue.


  • Haneda Brewery (Taiho Ltd.)
  • 2F, Nishi-Kamata 7-41-8, Ota-ku 144-0051
  • TEL / 03-6424-7716 FAX / 03-6424-7716
  • Business hours / 11:30 - 14:30,17:30 - 23:00 (Sun. through Thu.),17:30 - 0:30 (Fri. and Sat.)
  • Holidays / Open every day
  • Web site / https://akr2489091263.owst.jp/

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