Award for Excellence Craftsmanship

Ota Precision Vise ¥8,000

This miniature vise lends you the perfect helping hand when you work with tiny objects. Say goodbye to shaky hands. This little guy holds your item still for you with high precision so that you can work with both hands freely.

Ota Precision Vise ¥8,640
Ace Corporation
Ace Corporation
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Ace Corporation

Our vises are made of aluminum so that they can be colored in a variety of fun colors for female users without undermining the precision. Each and every component is carefully processed and assembled. We’re confident that they will not disappoint you.


Do you enjoy building models, making accessories, or decorating fake nails? If yes, the Ota Precision Vise is for you. It’ll be the perfect helping hand when you are working with small objects. Holding an object in one hand can be a pain in the neck—your hands shake, and you only have one hand to work with. But worry no more. Small yet powerful, this vice holds objects perfectly still, and can be stored almost anywhere. Keep one at home, and it’ll come in handy.


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