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Kikyaku Jomochi ¥1,300

This exquisite rice cake uses a premium sweet rice, “Miyakoganemochi,” made in Miyagi Prefecture. After much trial and error, the flavor and texture of an old-fashioned, hand-pounded rice cake has been replicated in this premium rice cake.

Kikyaku Jomochi
Hojuan (Takahashi Sogo Shokuhin Honpo Ltd.)
Hojuan (Takahashi Sogo Shokuhin Honpo Ltd.)
  • Store at room temperature
  • Expires: 120 days after date of manufacture
  • Note: To accompany the rise in the consumption tax rate, all prices shown exclude consumption tax.

Hojuan (Takahashi Sogo Shokuhin Honpo Ltd.)

The five-star “Miyakoganemochi” sweet rice produced in Miyagi is one of the three best glutinous rice varieties in Japan. Kikyaku Jomochi is made with a special produce of this premium rice which is grown with less agricultural chemicals. The mochi rice is pounded at a high speed—roughly 170 times in 100 seconds—in a pounding machine to achieve a chewy, smooth texture. Made entirely additive-free, Kikaku Jomochi makes an excellent gift for someone special.


Back in the old days, families would have freshly pounded rice cake delivered from a rice shop when New Year’s day approached. The slightly grainy, sticky flat pillow of fresh mochi, and the flavor and sweet taste of the rice—we wanted to replicate those characteristics in our rice cakes. From washing the rice to soaking it in water, cooking it, and pounding it, we fine-tuned the duration of time taken for each step countless times. Made with attention to every detail, Kikyaku Jomochi is our best work. Enjoy the nostalgic taste of old-fashioned mochi.


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