Edo fried rice cakes, Rokugo, Kogane ¥432(税抜)

Fried rice cakes with a simple yet profound taste, made with old-fashioned methods.

Edo fried rice cakes, Rokugo, Kogane
Hojuan (Takahashi Sogoshokuhin Honpo Ltd.)
Hojuan (Takahashi Sogoshokuhin Honpo Ltd.)

Hojuan (Takahashi Sogoshokuhin Honpo Ltd.)

We produce these rice cakes by drying rice cakes that are made by being pounded with a pestle over time in the sun and frying them with fresh rice oil which is replaced with new one every day. By drying them in the sun, the scent and sweetness of rice are born, and furthermore, by frying them with rice oil, the unique taste of rice stands out. They are simple yet luxurious fried rice cakes which are finished in an old-fashioned way with organic soy sauce alone without using any chemical seasoning.


For 40 years, we have been pursuing the taste of true rice cakes and fried rice cakes in the area of Rokugo of Ota City. Being selected for the “Selected 100 Souvenirs from Ota” proved that what we have been seriously striving and aiming for as craftsmen was not wrong. We will make further efforts to make “Edo fried rice cakes, Rokugo, Kogane” a specialty of Ota City.


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