Plum malted rice of Kojiya in Ota-ku “Komehana”
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A versatile healthy fermented seasoning, born by mixing seven kinds of natural ingredients that are selected from the entire country.

Plum malted rice of Kojiya in Ota-ku “Komehana”
Plum malted rice of Kojiya in Ota-ku “Komehana”
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The plum malted rice “Komehana” of Kojiya in Ota-ku is a versatile healthy fermented seasoning mixed with seven kinds of carefully selected ingredients such as bonito flakes, seaweed, ginger, hemp seeds and cosmic hemp, with a base of home-made sweet sake and dried plums. Cosmic hemp is an ingredient that is receiving attention for its detox effect. In addition to the excellent efficacy of each ingredient, enzymes of fermented food will increase the absorption rate of each nutrient.


We thank you for recognizing our efforts to make foods that are good for health and represent Ota City. “Komehana” is delicious on its own as a healthy food, but can also be enjoyed with rice or as a seasoning such as sauces and dressings. Enjoy your daily “fermentation life” according to your choice, such as mixing with pasta and preparing with side dishes.


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