Flower, wind, moon, and snow ¥1,200

Fold, cut and spread. Deeply understand and enjoy creating the shapes family crests “Kamon” of Japan.

Flower, wind, moon, and snow
Flower, wind, moon, and snow
Flower, wind, moon, and snow
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Explantae Co., Ltd.

You fold a paper, cut it following the pattern, and open it. Then, a beautiful “shape of Japan” falls in your hands. This is the “Monkiri play” that began in the Edo Period. A set contains a card book, patterns, and 100 beautiful Japanese origami papers. Anyone can readily have a good time with it. Collect seasonal patterns and make a book of flowers, wind, moon and snow. You can put it on a postcard or New Year’s money envelope. It is also suitable as a gift.


The shapes made by “Monkiri” are family crests. Family crests are not only the symbols of families but also reflect Japanese aesthetic sense, views of nature, and lifestyles, and each shape is filled with stories. In the past, there was a culture to enjoy these shapes in life by using them like words. Through “Monkiri,” we want to pass the culture on to the future. Anyone including young people, old people and foreigners can enjoy it together.


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