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Portable tea mill “Sururu” ¥5,000

You can easily enjoy freshly ground nutritious tea leaves anytime, anywhere.

Portable tea mill “Sururu”
Tokyo Shokosha Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Shokosha Co., Ltd.
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Tokyo Shokosha Co., Ltd.

It is a portable tea mill of which the size and ease of use have never existed. You can enjoy freshly ground tea anytime, anywhere. By grinding tea leaves, you can intake the whole nutrition of the tea leaves that is good for beauty and health. The mill is easy to carry and grind. You can enjoy tea made from freshly ground tea leaves at home, in office and at school.


This product has only been in the market for 6 months and it is also our first in-house product. We are honored that our product was selected for the “Selected 100 Souvenirs from Ota.” We are delighted that we were accepted as a manufacturer of a unique product making the most of our experiences as a wholesaler. We hear that powdered green tea is very popular overseas. We would like to actively develop our business using the boom as a tailwind.


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