• 13th (Thu) - 15th (Sat) February, 2014


  • Ota City Industrial Plaza (PiO)
  • 1-20-20 Minamikamata,Ota-ku,Tokyo,144-0035

Welcome to the 18th OTA INDUSTRIAL FAIR

Small-scale manufacturing was the cornerstone of the post-war reconstruction of Japan that led to its high economic growth. Japan, a country without natural resources, must grow and drive its economy through manufacturing into the future.

Ota City, with one of the largest concentrations of small manufacturing companies who are trusted by major companies both in and outside of Japan, is attracting attention these days, because the manufacturing companies in Ota City are extremely skilled in producing a vast array of parts and components, with versatility and capability of covering every sector, supporting advanced industrial products such as aircraft, cars and electronics. With their expertise, the manufacturers also possess the capability to develop their own products and technologies.

In the 18th Ota Industrial Fair, we aim to promote as widely as possible the handed-down expertise and skills of small manufacturing companies in Ota City with the catch phrase of “Handed-down expertise and meticulous MASTER quality”.

This time, we are planning to set up an exhibition area dedicated to the theme of ‘Medicine-Engineering Collaboration’, an area expected to be one of the new growth markets, in which small manufacturing companies in Ota City with highly advanced processing skills are sure to be able to contribute. With this in mind, Ota City has established Ota City Medicine-Engineering Collaboration Support Center.

We hope this will be another opportunity to show off what Ota City can offer - the highest skills and technologies of our small manufacturing companies - and we are committed to promoting our manufacturing power worldwide.

Welcome to OTA INDUSTRIAL FAIR. Your participation is warmly appreciated.