About Ota! Ichioshi Gourmet

“OTA! Ichioshi Gourmet” (Project Name: Ota City Restaurant Award) is a project that commends the hard-working restaurants of the region. Based on reports from field surveys conducted by experts, the eight-person review committee including the chief juror conducts a rigorous review, and in 2018 five restaurants in the General category and five in the Special category were chosen for a total of ten restaurant.

Japanese cuisine Eto

Japanese cuisine Eto

  1. Field survey
    ・On-site survey by experts
    ・Sanitation investigations to check Cleanliness
  2. Committee
    ・Check the integrity of the survey
    ・Discussion to determine award winners
  3. Decision
    ・Determine award winners

Greetings from the Mayor of Ota City

This year sees the eighth iteration of the “OTA! Ichioshi Gourmet” project which began in 2010. Every year we get lots of positive feedback, and we have had many opportunities to present about our project both inside and outside the city. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming up, and we think this is an excellent chance to show the world all the great food we have in Ota City. We are working hard to build up Ota as a food destination, cooperating with people from restaurants including the award-winning places in Ota City. Please use this pamphlet as a gateway to the many genres of food and dining atmospheres and services available in Ota City.

Tadayoshi Matsubara / Mayor of Ota City

Chairman’s comment

Every year, “OTA! Ichioshi Gourmet” showcases some of the wonderful restaurants that Ota City is proud to recommend. The jury selects restaurants that pass their strict criteria: not only serving delicious food, but also providing excellent service and taking care in the design of their dining experiences. The ten restaurants that have been awarded this year are all truly worthy of their “OTA! Ichioshi Gourmet” titles. Please stop by these award-winning restaurants! I would be delighted if this “OTA! Ichioshi Gourmet” guide could help more people realize the appeal of the food available in Ota City.

Kazuhiko Matsumoto / Chairman of Ota City Restaurant Award Project Committee

Organaized by

Ota City / Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization

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Ota City Shopping Districts-Federation / Ota Chapter, The Tokyo Chamber of commerce and Industry / Ota Tourist Association

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